Line of Sight

At Clarite, our work is guided by our values and our experience. We help our clients take winning strategies over the goal line through a careful blend of the two.

our philosophy

We believe that the key to being relevant is not just a stand-alone idea but laying out an inspiring message, defining the intersection of many stakeholders, and then enrolling those players in a journey to address the operational facets together. With these beliefs as our guide, we aim to be your North Star to move the ball forward to solve your issue or capture value from the transformative opportunity before you.



We bring teams that fit the need, not our utilization model. This flexibility gives you what you need as you need it, and we can ramp up accordingly. We desire to be high-touch, and know our nimble, versatile structure allows us to get operationally-deep in your business.


We believe that getting the job done AND being liked is not binary. “OR” is not in our vocabulary. We relish healthy debate about our thinking, for our aim is to earn your trust and respect through direct engagement.


We’re honest and will say things most people won’t. We won’t lead you on, because we know you are paying us to bring you truth and direction. Our reputation is built on being advisors and to challenge how you think and act, not to be “yes” professionals.


We co-create with our clients and do not have a boilerplate model.  While problems we face may share common descriptors, our approaches and roles to solving may vary – from boot-camps, to facilitated sessions, to coaching, to more traditional project-based roles.


We are partners to answer the problem together. We believe that no team wins unless we all have a contributing role – small or big - in the playbooks.  You can trust us to ride herd with you, and are deeply committed to building a capability inside so that we are not a crutch for your core talent development.

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