Strategy. REALIZED.

 Exclusively dedicated to advising industry leaders on their strategic,
operational and 
transformational business issues.

Our experience working with leaders of the most complex operating environments tells us that strategy by itself won’t break through unless you bring clarity to the desired customer experience, align stakeholders to an inspiring line of sight, and provide the operational “oxygen” and coordination through a rallying execution playbook.

Whether your responsibility spans a company, operation or product, we serve as your Strategy Realization Officers in facilitating and executing a winning strategy and blueprint. Steering the ship is our expertise in advancing your goal by lining up the right talent, change framework, and internal engagements to break through short-term organizational thinking and foster unforgettable, lasting transformation.

We’ll be your North Star.

 Strategy Facilitation

We help to take your strategy and market promise, and collaborate with you in drafting the business design and inspiring narrative to answer the “what are we doing?” question. Our team has helped craft Strategy Design Blueprints for management teams to bridge pure strategy to execution. We have enabled this with communications and change advocates, across new Product and Service Offering launches, and Functional and Process re-engineering efforts.

Operational Effectiveness
Clarite knows that shining a light on strategy headwinds is critical to success. We perform deep-dive reviews of operational practices to illuminate and solve operational challenges, and thereby improve the efficiency and value of the operation. To date, we’ve helped Fortune 500, startup, and growth companies assess and implement scalable and reliable operations, systems and cross-functional processes (finance, product, supply chain, commercial) to utilize internal resources more valuably, and to ensure a positive experience for customers.
Organizational Readiness

We help to navigate your organization through a transactional event (M&A), restructuring, regulatory compliance, or commercialization. In fact, we have been a catalyst for such companies by designing and implementing target operating models, and positioning and professionalizing the associated downstream people, process, technology and risk management capabilities. Our work has spanned PE/Venture-backed acquisitions, adoption of new Financial regulatory principles, and Biotechs preparing for commercial drug launch.

Program & Change Leadership

Operational execution on delivery is hard work that requires structure, drive, and coordination across multiple stakeholder groups. We have worked in significant pace (speed) and profile (new leadership) environments to align leadership to a Roadmap to Win, develop and engage the organization in a Transformation Playbook, and institute project management capabilities. We have shepherded initiatives over the goal line, and achieved desired business benefits for hundreds of cross-industry clients.

Interim & Transitional Management

Occasionally, your strategy realization is failing due largely to inadequate leadership. This calls for a dedicated partner and extended management team member that goes beyond a traditional consulting arrangement. We at Clarite have deployed seasoned and highly experienced interim leaders across Operations (COO, VP Ops), Technology (CIO/CTO), and Transformation (CTO) for mid-to-longer term assignments to reboot the strategy, take the reins of a major initiative, and enable a clean hand-over to new leadership.